The Texas Liars Contest


Saturday, March 11
10:45 am–12:15 pm


Join us as some of the best liars in the state gather for a verbal slap down.
This is an amateur competition.
Members of the State Legislature are barred from entering.

  • Eight to ten minute time limit.

  • Family friendly material.

  • Points for originality and presentation.

Our Judges cannot be bought or bribed.


Meet Our Liars

Judy Allton
Judy has been majoring in Beachcombing at The University for 40 years, taking difficult classes like furniture-making from driftwood, sand-free hot dog grilling, and reading notes found in bottles.  Her extensive collection of beach flora and fauna fills the trunk of her 1969 VW beetle, which she will be delighted to show you, and she recommends that you stand upwind of the car.
Contact Judy at

Ann Coleman
Ann began life in Kansas many years ago and grew up there, but now resides in Texas.  Coleman has held many positions including being in radio for several years.  She and her great husband have four grandchildren.  She works at the Roanoke Public Library as their Children’s Services Librarian and is a member of the Little D Storytelling Guild.
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Lorene McHutcheon Stilwell
Lorene comes from a line of storytellers and fisherfolk on the West Coast of Scotland. She grew up surrounded by stories and songs: from tales of the sea and the Highland clans, to magical yarns of faeries and monsters and seal folk, and more.
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Connie Stockelman
Inspired by the George West Storyfest Lairs Contest, Connie is bringing her tall tales to the Denton stage. Experienced in Toastmaster competitions, Connie has performed for a variety of audiences including the Red Hat Ladies, weddings, stand up. Believe it or not, she is a retired clown!
Contact Connie at

Skip Skipworth
Skip came to Dallas in 1980. Married 14 years, he met my wonderful wife, Cheryl in Toastmasters International. Skip has won over 50 TI contests as well as the Houston Liars contest a number of times but most recently in 2015. He has been a member of Dallas and North Forty Storytelling Guilds.
Contact Skip at

Gary Whitaker
Performing since 1997, Gary Whitaker the Storyman, (now a full time storyteller) has traveled all over Texas telling a variety of stories in schools and libraries varying from Historic to Tall tales. Gary specializes in 1st person historical presentations. He lives in Fort Worth Texas with his lovely wife, Paula. 
Contact Gary at 


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