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Workshop A

Someone Else’s Story: Trauma Informed Storytelling

presented by Philip Drexler
"A definition not found in the dictionary - Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children." - From The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Vicariously experiencing someone else's story is one of the best ways for child and adult survivors of trauma to talk about and process their own experiences. Our time together will explore how to help them to do so. 

Philip Drexler, TRS/TXC is a recreation therapist and therapeutic storyteller. He has worked with both abuse survivors and abusers, who are often one and the same person. He is a member of the Healing Story Alliance.
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Workshop B

Developing Personal Narratives through the Elements

presented by Brooke Pilifant
From backyard story nights to corporate sales, the connection with personal stories is gaining in importance.  This workshop explores our own personal narratives using the five elements of earth, fire, air, water, and spirit.  From these stories, we can learn how to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, connect with others around us, and spur social change as we help our society progress.  Come ready to dig in, actively listen, and engage with everyone in the room!

Brooke Pillifant was propelled out of teaching into storytelling by several harrowing roadside adventures.  She has written and performed her own personal tales from San Diego to New York City.  Currently, Brooke founded a nonprofit, Down South Word of Mouth, dedicated to merging social justice with storytelling. 
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healyWorkshop C

Depth Sounding: Taking Stories to a Deeper Truth

presented by Yvonne Healy

Blending theatrical analysis with writing structure, this method of story shaping provides a simple guide creating three-dimensional tales. Follow the markers to effective characters, arcs and setting. Bring a rough story to develop or leave with a new one from skeletons provided in class. Discover this easy-to-use system to streamline an ungainly story or fulfill a last minute request to fit a theme.

Yvonne Healy is one of our Featured Storytellers for 2017.
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Workshop D

Words of Skill: The Celtic Storytelling Tradition

presented by Lorene McHutcheon Stilwell
The Celtic Storytelling Tradition is more than just Leprechaun’s and fairies. From 1000 years before the common era through today, the Celtic peoples have kept their histories, beliefs, and cultural identities alive by a vigorous and lyrical oral tradition – vivid and complex sagas, magical tales of transformation, hamely stories that celebrate everyday triumphs and sorrows.
We will look at Celtic tradition from the beginning of the universe, passing through every country the people have bided in, and eventually bring us back home. Laughter, tears, and lively intellectual discussion encouraged.

Lorene McHutcheon Stilwell, Seanachais (Storyteller), comes from a line of storytellers and fisherfolk on the West Coast of Scotland. She grew up surrounded by stories and songs: from tales of the sea and the Highland clans, to magical yarns of faeries and monsters and seal folk, and more.  As a seanachais, Lorene has shared her passion for the Celtic tradition at events ranging from Storytelling festivals to Highland Games.
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Workshop E

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles as Storytellers

presented by Rosie Cutrer
This interactive workshop will explore ways in which families can incorporate storytelling activities in their lives. Participants will take part in a Story Party and learn about Photo Parties and Holiday Video Parties. Participants will also actively learn some basic beginning storytelling techniques on how to learn and present a story. 

Rosie Cutrer started life as a storyteller in first grade, pretending to faint to get out of class. The stories have gotten bigger ever since. Since 1998, she has performed at countless festivals throughout the Midwest. In 2010, she made her international debut performing for the County Wexford Library System.  
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Workshop F

Ventriloquism in Storytelling 101

presented by Nancy Burks Worcester
Admit it - you've always wanted to try ventriloquism.  You stood in front of the mirror practicing before you gave up, thinking "How do they DO that?"  Well, if so, then this workshop is for you.  Presenter Nancy Worcester promises that you can learn the basics of ventriloquism in an afternoon and - like the back of the comics said - "Amaze your friends and family!"  Learn the basics of the ancient art and how you can use it in storytelling.

Nancy Burks Worcester is a storyteller and ventriloquist who has been actually making a living at it for 25 years.  She has performed all over the continent and has a story in that ancient tome "Best Stories From the Texas Storytelling Festival"
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Workshop G

Performance Skills  

presented by Don White
It is easy to think that certain great performers are just simply born with an extraordinary God-given talent for engaging an audience, and that there is nothing that a mere mortal man or woman can do to acquire these skills. This is, in my humble opinion, simply not true. I have been teaching people how to command a stage and how to captivate an audience for fifteen years. Picturing yourself grabbing the attention of a group of people and holding them in the palm of your hand for the entire duration of your performance becomes a lot easier to do after we have demystified and taken the illusion of magic out of the process.
I know how to own a stage, and I can teach you how to do it.

Don White is one of our Featured Storytellers for 2017.
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Workshop H

Wisdom Stories: From Collection to Curation to Delivery

presented by Steve Parker
Wisdom, the skillful pursuit of the best possible life, seems to be in diminishing supply.  Applying techniques of storytelling to your particular pursuit will enable a more meaningful presentation and a more likely reception. Everyone from aging baby boomers to misunderstood millennials can learn these techniques and share wisdom stories with others.

Steve Parker is an accomplished healthcare administrator, keynote speaker, and crooner.  As a hospice director, he helps folks preserve their wisdom stories in an effort to affirm the value of someone’s life and the dignity of someone’s death.
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Workshop I

Tame the Lion, Enchant the Snake

presented by Carolina Quiroga-Stultz
Empower your students to actively participate in the storytelling classroom. Apply different learning approaches in a story to motivate the students to follow and reenact as they learn.

Carolina Quiroga-Stultz is one of our Featured Storytellers for 2017.
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