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John Henry Faulk Award

John Henry FaulkThe John Henry Faulk Award is presented annually by the Tejas Storytelling Association to a person who has made a significant contribution to the art of storytelling in the Southwest. It is presented at the Texas Storytelling Festival held in Denton, Texas every Spring, and is the most prestigious award given in the name of storytelling in the entire state.

A native Texan, John Henry Faulk was a master storyteller, chronicling the stories and lives of friends and relatives through the years. Some called him an actor and impersonator, as he was able to mimic the voices and mannerisms of almost everyone he met. He was a satirist and used his humor to expose bigots, ignorant racists and ultra-patriots. But first and foremost John Henry Faulk was a defender of the First Amendment, and had the courage to speak his mind even when his was the only dissenting voice.


2023 – Sue Kuentz
2022 – Tim Couch
2021 – Toni Simmons
2020 – Kim Lehman 
2019 – Genie Hammel
2018 – DeCee Cornish
2017 – Traphene Hickman
2016 – Peggy Helmick-Richardson
2015 – Gene Helmick-Richardson
2014 – Eldrena Douma
2013 – Mary Grace Ketner
2012 – Mary Ann Blue
2011 – John and Rosemary Davis
2010 – Jay Stailey
2009 – Fran Stallings
2008 – Jerry Young
2007 – Donna Ingham
2006 – Dorothy and Mickey McMahon
2005 – Sheila Starks Phillips
2004 – Joe Doc Moore
2003 – Tim Tingle
2002 – The City of Denton
2001 – Tom McDermott
2000 – James Ford
1999 – Karen Morgan
1998 – J.B. Keith
1997 – Sally Bates Goodroe
1996 – August House’s Ted and Liz Parkhurst
1995 – Barbara McBride Smith
1994 – Jimmy Neil Smith
1993 – Rosanna Herndon
1992 – Ted Colson
1991 – Jeannine Beekman
1990 – Finley Stewart
1989 – Gayle Ross
1988 – Lynn Moroney
1987 – Connie Pottle
1986 – Elizabeth Ellis

Marvin Brown Volunteer Service Award

Marvin BrownMarvin Brown spent hours serving in the TSA office, volunteering his time with storytelling events across the state of Texas, as well as helping future Youth Tellers as coach and supporter. He is the epitome of volunteer service. Through his unselfish service he has helped TSA and contributed to its growth. The recipient of the Marvin Brown Volunteer Service Award is a person or group whose contributions of time and talents to TSA have enhanced the reputation of TSA in the greater Denton area and beyond.


2023 – Dean Keith
2022 – Larry Thompson
2021 – Fred E. Peters
2020 – Karla Sallade
2019 – Richard Nash
2018 – San Antonio Storytellers Association
2017 – Betsy Mosier
2016 – Valerie Kimble
2015 – Elizabeth Ellis
2014 – Connie Neil and Barbara Fisher
2013 – Jaye McLaughlin
2012 – Shelby Smith
2011 – Reba and Granville Ott
2010 – Traphene & J.R.Hickman
2009 – Dalton Gregory
2010 – Traphene & J.R.Hickman
2009 – Dalton Gregory
2008 – Janet Bickel-Burton
2007 – Debbie and Jerry Martin
2006 – Mel Davenport
2005 – Betty Berkey
2004 – Carrell Ann Simmons
2003 – Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson
2002 – Solina & Mike Marquis
2001 – Paul Porter
2000 – Peggy Capps
1999 – Marvin Brown
1998 – Martha Len Nelson

Colson-Herndon Educator’s Award

This award is presented during a TSA Conference and is bestowed upon an educator who has given of his or her time and talent to mentor an individual or group in the development of storytelling skills or has been instrumental in promoting an appreciation or integration of storytelling in their field.

2023 – Maryann Blue
2018 – Elizabeth Ellis
2016 – Sue Kuentz
2014 – Janet Latham
2012 – Miriam Martinez
2011 – Trudy Hanson
2010 – Ted Colson and Rosanna Herndon

Martha Len Nelson Special Services Award

The Tejas Storytelling Association’s Special Service Award is indeed special – recognizing that above-and-beyond kind of special service that some people are willing to offer to TSA and to the storytelling community in general.  The award is not given every year because it is the rare person who demonstrates the level of dedication required to spend hours contributing leadership, organizational expertise, workshop instruction, story performance, and countless other volunteer tasks. Yet it is through the actions of these special individuals that TSA has become connected to and recognized within the greater storytelling community, while gaining recognition and leadership status throughout the state and nation. The services of this person have definitely made a notable impact upon the profession of storytelling as well as the visibility and contributions of the Tejas Storytelling Association.

2023 – Valerie Kimball
2022 – Brooks Myers
2020 – Peggy Capps  
2018 – Mary Margaret Dougherty Campbell
2016 – Ted Parkhurst
2012 – Elizabeth Ellis
2000 – Harry Berkey

Finley Stewart Trailblazing Award

Finley StewartOn the 25th Anniversary of the Festival, the Board of Directors of TSA made a very conscious and deliberate choice to recognize the contributions of Finley Stewart, the man who founded both the festival and the organization. Each Festival causes us to realize how many lives were influenced by his trailblazing spirit. Finley will never know what his actions created. The Finley Stewart Trailblazing Award will be given to an individual, group or business that created an outstanding organization, festival or business that promotes storytelling and utilizes the membership of the Tejas Storytelling Association.

2023 – The Zula B. Wylie Public Library
2019 – Hank Roubicek
2011 – Eileen Hatcher and Jim Ohmart
2010 – Rob Schneider