TSA Mission Statement

Tejas Storytelling Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the appreciation of storytelling as an oral tradition, a performing art, and an educational tool.

Board of Directors

President; 35 Events Committee
Rebba Raine Teller – rabbiraine@gmail.com

Vice President; Volunteer Chair
David Claunch – dr.dilly.dally@gmail.com

Dalton Gregory – daltonrgregory@gmail.com

Secretary; Nominating Committee
Peggy Helmick-Richardson – twiceuponatime@sbcglobal.net

Doc Moore Committee Chair; 35 Events Committee Chair
Philip Drexler – philip.drexler@gmail.com

Festival Managing Co-Director; HOT FUNDS Director; Nominating Committee Chair; 35 Events Committee; Fundraising Committee
Elizabeth Ellis – storyellis9@gmail.com

Awards Chair
Gene Helmick-Richardson – twiceuponatime@sbcglobal.net

Denton Committee
Karla Sallade – mrotm6971@verizon.net

Affiliate Guild Liaison
Robert Samples – 3457RJS@gmail.com

Membership Committee Chair
Jacqui Rash – jrash.storyteller@gmail.com

At Large
Chester Weems – cjweems@cox.net