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Thursday, March 10

7:00-9:00pm • Scary Stories

Tellers: Kim Lehman, Eldrena Douma, Tim Tingle, Sue Kuentz, David Brock, Decee Cornish, MaryAnn Blue, and Colin Urwin
Emcee: Jacqui Rash

Kim Lehman is an educator, storyteller, musician, workshop presenter, and author. Currently on the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster, Kim has performed at hundreds of festivals, schools, libraries, and museums. Kim is in demand throughout Texas as an effective workshop presenter with practical, inexpensive program ideas for librarians, teachers and parents. Kim is honored to be last year’s recipient of the John Henry Faulk Award.

Eldrena DoumaSee featured page for bio.

Tim TingleSee featured teller page for bio.

Sue Kuentz excites youth audiences with her folktales and fairytales from around the world. An educator for 32 years in the elementary school, she has conducted many workshops. Sue not only continues her youth storytelling club in the schools, empowering each child involved, but has been the organizer for the Texas Storytelling Youth Challenge each year. Sue has been honored with H-E-B’s Lifetime Excellence in Teaching, NEISD’s teacher of the year, a featured Texas Teller at the Texas Storytelling Festival, as well as emceeing and storytelling on their various stages.

David Brock lives in Cedar Hill, Texas, with his parents, a donkey, dog, cat and two goats. He began storytelling at the Zula B. Wylie Public Library around age seven, and has been telling ever since. Besides storytelling, David enjoys going barefoot, climbing trees, and almost anything related to science and math. He currently takes classes and works as a lab assistant at Dallas College, Mountain View Campus.

Decee CornishSee featured teller page for bio.

MaryAnn Blue is a retired language educator and storyteller from San Antonio, Texas. She has dedicated many years to teaching storytelling to children and has seen many of her students go on to tell stories as National Youth Storytellers. MaryAnn has been a featured storytelling at the Texas Storytelling Festival and the George West Storyfest. She is a recipient of the John Henry Faulk Award and former TSA board member.

Colin Urwin is an Irish singer-songwriter and storyteller, performing gigs and festivals throughout the UK and Ireland. In March 2021, he released his first album of songs, ‘A Kind of Love Song’. Colin also has two story albums, “The Madman’s Window” and “The Swan Maiden.”

Friday, March 11, 2022

9:00-9:05am • Land Acknowledgement by Tim Tingle

9:05-10:30am • Featured and Special Tellers Concert: Learning Day

Tellers: Anne Rutherford, Decee Cornish, Donna Ingham, Eldrena Douma, Carolina Quiroga, Toni Simmons and Tim Tingle
Emcee: Jaye McLaughlin

See featured teller page for bios.

11:00am-12:30pm • Iconic Texas: Alamo Stories

Tellers: Elizabeth Ellis, Dale Schultz, Decee Cornish, and Donna Ingham
Emcee: Fred Peters

Elizabeth Ellis is a recipient of both the Circle of Excellence and Life Time Achievement Awards from the National Storytelling Network. However, she is most proud of receiving the award in honor of John Henry Faulk. She is the author of From Plot to Narrative and Every Day a Holiday, and co-author of Inviting the Wolf In: Thinking About Difficult Stories. Her newest work is Prepare To Scare, available from Parkhurst Brothers.

Dale Schultz is a storyteller, writer, actor, musician, artist, and a professional Santa’s helper. From faith-filled to far-fetched, Dale’s stories have a spiritual core that inspire and delight. He helps souls connect with themselves and the world around them through the power of motivational speaking, life coaching, and captivating storytelling.

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12:30-1:30pm • Lunchtime Conversations

Elizabeth Ellis will lead the swap and discussion.

1:30- 3:00 PM • Elders Speak: Stories from Tejas Storytelling Association Long Time Members

Tellers: Traphene Hickman, Reba Ott, Jennifer Curtis, Dalton Gregory, Leslie Buie and Pam Pipkin
Emcee: Mel Davenport

Traphene Hickman boasts “My mother said she spanked me when I was young and told stories and now I get paid to tell them.” She enjoys telling to all audiences and especially loves to share tall tales and stories that have subtle morals. Traphene tells at book clubs, Lions clubs, schools, churches, women retreats and for anyone who asks for a story. She is retired from being Director of the Dallas County Library System.

Reba Ott has been a storyteller for the past 40 years telling mostly personal, history, pioneer, nature, and folk stories. She told for the Greater Williamson county YMCA after school program until retirement and currently tells at her retirement center. Reba participates in her local, regional, and national storytelling organizations. She is “Mother Nature,” telling nature stories as nature specialist at Camp Fire Camp Monakiwa in the southern Rockies of New Mexico since 1984.

When Jennifer Curtis and her family of eight moved to Texas in 1979, she discovered a storytelling circle in Houston and life has never been the same. Jennifer returned to college; worked in writing centers; wrote a thesis on the oral to written to oral cycle of story and a dissertation on storytelling, life histories, and college composition; and taught writing. She continues to enjoy kids, cats, writing, storytelling, history, and helping people write their life stories.

Dalton Gregory retired after 36 years as a teacher and principal. He has worked with students Pre-K through college seniors. He was introduced to storytelling by the founders of this festival. He has told in schools, churches, civic clubs, scout groups, barber shops, and campfires throughout the Weminuche Wilderness in Colorado.

Leslie Buie shares stories that often reveal his Southern roots, tap the wealth of distant memories, and sometimes stretch the imagination.

Pam Pipkin is enjoying retirement after 25 years at Rusk County Library in Henderson, Texas. She is an avid traveler and photographer. Her current favorite mode of transportation is by steamboat. Last year saw her cruising twice on the Mississippi aboard the American Countess. Born and raised in Fort Worth Pam lives in Kilgore. Other interests include scrapbooking, knitting, reading, and, of course, storytelling. She is a member of Tejas Storytelling Association and East Texas Storytellers.

3:30-5:00pm • Story Slam! The Plain Truth 5 Minute Stories

Theme: The Plain Truth/In Plain Sight
Tellers: Gloria Kunnapilly, Kanute Rarey, Kathy Witten, Maria Gillen, Mayra Diaz, Nancy Matthews, Rebecca Hom, Rosie Best-Cutrer, and Viola Blocker
Emcee: Michael Guinn

7:30-7:45pm • Pre-Concert Music with David Goodroe

After years of “threatening to learn to play the banjo someday,” his mother gave him a used banjo for Christmas in 1973. A year later he took up guitar. David credits his bizarre and occasionally inappropriate—but mostly harmless—sense of humor to his mother who was probably his most devoted fan. He dedicates most everything he performs to her memory.

8:00-19:00pm • Featured and Special Tellers Concert

Tellers: Anne Rutherford, Eldrena Douma, Toni Simmons, Caroline Quiroga and Tim Tingle
Emcee: MaryAnn Blue

See featured teller page for bios.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

9:00-10:30am • Greet the Day with a Poem

Tellers: Beth Ayers, Ann Marie Newman, Anne McCrady, Anne Rutherford, Tim Tingle, Charles Williams, and Deb Ann Allison
Emcee: Anne McCrady

Beth Turner Ayers is a poet and storyteller. Her poetry covers many topics in a variety of styles. Her poems appear in several publications, anthologies, and published collections. Inspired by her four children and many years as a La Leche League Leader, Beth credits motherhood as poetic inspiration, allowing her to see the world through the eyes of a child. She lives in McKinney, Texas, with her husband Mark.

Ann Marie Newman. Writer/Artist/OopsyAnnie. Diversely creative, Ann Marie Newman is a storyteller, writer, poet, conceptual artist, and Oopsy Annie, the joyful wanderer on YouTube. Best of all, she’s a dreamer. COVID19 gave her a rocky ride in October 2020, but the destination turned out to be a marvelous gift!

Anne McCrady’s award-winning writing appears in her own poetry collections, Along Greathouse Road, Under a Blameless Moon, and Letting Myself In, as well as in literary journals, regional, national, and international anthologies, audio collections, and online. She has presented her writing as libretto, liturgy, educational materials, speeches, storytelling, short film, and on her websites, and

Charles Williams has been a professional storyteller for over forty years, and a Cowboy Poet for about twenty-five. He retired as the Executive Director of the Will Rogers Medallion Award organization in 2021. Charles followed a life time of interest in folklore by joining the Texas Folklore Society becoming the president in 2016. He has presented several papers and published three books.

Deb Ann Allison has been immersed in storytelling. Her stories derive from three decades of traveling cross country and leading seminars as an award-winning speaker. A former TSA “Rising Star,” she has told stories at schools, libraries, and civic events. She is currently near completion of her first book of historical fiction and a poetic verse novel.

Anne RutherfordSee featured teller page for bio.

Tim TingleSee featured teller page for bio.

11:00am – 12:30pm • Meet Clementine Ryder: Tall Tales of Wild West Adventure

Teller: Anne Rutherford as Clementine Ryder
Emcee: Valerie Kimble

12:30- 1:30pm • Lunchtime Conversations

Marian Fleishmann will lead the swap and discussion.

2:00-3:15pm • Youth Storytelling Concert

Tellers: Laredo Wynveen, TJ Wynveen, Saniyah McGrew, Keren Lee, Nichole Clark, Rebekah Garcia, Hannah Clark, and Gloria Kunnapilly. These tellers are from the Zula B. Wylie Youth Tellers and the “Tell Me A Story” Youth Club – Heart of Texas Storytelling Guild. Emcee: Sue Kuentz

Laredo Wynveen, aged 9, is a storyteller with quick wit and a ready smile. Her varied interests include softball, basketball, dinosaurs and astronomy. She is also a part of her school’s Gifted & Talented program.

Tijge (TJ) Wynveen tells stories with his own personal flair. He’s 10 years old, loves astrophysics and participates in UIL Spelling contests. He enjoys writing and hearing ghosts stories.

Saniyah McGrew is a 12 year old who has been a youth teller at Zula B. Wylie Library since the age of 6. She continues to enhance her skills and share her love of storytelling with the world.

Keren Lee is an eighth grader in middle school. She’s also a dancer and cheerleader. Her favorite class in school is social studies. She not only enjoys telling stories to young kids but also to seniors in nursing homes.

Nichole Clark, 10, has been telling stories since age 6. She loves to read, sketch, and sing. She’s also pretty good at volleyball and basketball, too.

Rebekah Garcia is 12 years old and has been a Zula B. Wylie Storyteller for almost two years. She enjoys reading, crafting, and drawing. She loves animals and aspires to become a zoologist one day. She would also like to become a librarian in her spare time to keep reading stories.

Hannah Clark, aged 8, loves to share her stories with her family and friends. She is an avid reader and a fan of creative writing and bird watching. Her favorite bird is the Mocking Bird.

Gloria Kunnapilly is a junior at Ronald Reagan High School. This is her sixth year as a storyteller, and she was a youth torchbearer for Timpanogos National Storytelling Festival in 2018. When she’s not sharing her love for story, she is the president of her local chapter of DECA, Model UN, Debate, a class officer.

3:45-5:45pm • Liar’s Contest

Tellers: Margaret Clauder, Kevin Cogan, Dean Keith, Bernadette Nason, Kanute Rarey, Lorene Stilwell, Colin Urwin, and Joe Yoder
Emcee: Donna Ingham

See Liars Contest page for photos and bios.

6:15 – 6:45pm • Pre-Concert Music : Sleepy Creek

Sleepy Creek has been a festival fixture for many years. ASL Interpreter Joel Hill, son Joshua Hill and Sasha Staroston make up this rock Americana band. Sometimes daughter Sarah Hill lends her outstanding vocal talents to performances. At this time the band has 4 original compositions streaming online. They seek to share the energy of inclusiveness, joy and healing
as a way to connect, uplift and heal.

6:45-8:45pm • Featured and Special Tellers Concert

Tellers: Anne Rutherford, Andy Hedges, Decee Cornish, Donna Ingham, and Carolina Quiroga
Emcee: Jiaan Powers

See featured teller page for bios.

9:15 – 10:45pm • Cowboy Poetry

Tellers: Charles Williams, Larry Thompson, John Pelham, Dove Schmidt, and Andy Hedges
Emcee: Waynetta Ausmus

Charles Williams has been a professional storyteller for over forty years, and a Cowboy Poet for about twenty-five. He retired as the Executive Director of the Will Rogers Medallion Award organization in 2021.
Charles followed a life time of interest in folklore by joining the Texas Folklore Society and becoming its president in 2016. He has presented several papers and published three books.

Larry Thompson has been in front of audiences for more than 30 years. Larry is at home helping the audience laugh, learn, and let loose. He has performed on mountain tops and in valleys from New Mexico to South Carolina and at many large and small locations in between. Larry tells cowboy tales, personal stories, and home-grown tales and guarantees to make the audience smile.

Bob Upchurch has been doing cowboy poetry and storytelling since 2004. He first became interested after attending Red Steagall’s Cowboy Gathering in the Ft. Worth Stockyards. He and his wife have a poetry and storytelling ministry called Ox Yoke Ministry and have a book and CD of poetry published. They recite at gatherings in northeast and central Texas.

John Pelham is a “country boy” born and bred. He grew up in North Central Texas doing the kinds of chores and work and play that people did back in earlier times. He rode his horse, fed his cattle, sheep, and hogs, and played “ranch” under the big oak tree in their back yard. John discovered a love of cowboy poetry in 2002 and started writing. After approximately 200 poems and many miles traveling to cowboy poetry gatherings around the country, he is still at it. He hopes to have a third book of poetry out in the near future.

Dove Schmidt has been doing cowboy poetry as long as she can remember, but most of the time it was in front of a four legged audience. Dove was raised in the northern hills of Sacramento Valley, CA, as her uncle raised polled Hereford cattle and Quarter Horses, using a Peter McCue stud. As she grew older, she rode colts, worked ranches, and cooked for crews from Oregon to Montana. Her cowboy poetry is from real life experiences. Now, Dove hosts over 250 children each year at her cowboy camps for kids at
Crossroads Ranch, near Depew, OK.

Andy HedgesSee featured teller page for photo and bio.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

11:00am-12:30pm • Sacred Tales

Tellers: Jyoti Subramanian, Brooke Pillifant, Steve McCluer, Fran Stallings, Andy Hedges
Emcee: Peggy Helmick-Richardson

Jyoti Subramanian enjoys sharing life experiences through story. She believes special moments in our lives— accomplishments, discoveries, failures, or any experience that brings us out of our equilibrium—have potential to become stories. Although her favorite genre is Hindu mythology stories, she can never tell them just the way they were passed on to her from her mother. She has a passion for weaving her own personal adventures into those already beautiful tales.

Brooke Pillifant propelled out of the world of mathematics and into storytelling after a miserable yet hilarious cross-country car trip. She has performed with Speakeasy DC, Mortified, RISK!, Oral Fixation, and across the US. Brooke founded a nonprofit, Rough Draft, dedicated to merging social justice with storytelling to provide a voice for those who go unheard in our communities. When she isn’t on stage, she occupies her time with four kids, roadside adventures, and welding.

Steve McCluer has been writing and telling stories for over thirty years. A Dallas resident, he is a member of the Dallas Storytelling Guild, Writers Guild of Texas, and Carrollton League of Writers. Over the years he has progressed from telling children’s stories to funny, personal, thoughtful, and –his favorite—scary stories. Steve has held four world titles in sky diving. He loves dogs and dislikes cats, so cats are naturally attracted to him.

Fran Stallings is an internationally known award-winning storyteller, author, and recording artist. Her favorite word is “imagination”: using no props or pictures, she paints vivid images in listeners’ minds. She tells world folktales, fact-tales of science, and original creations enlivened with audience participation in action and song. Fran co-chairs Earth Up, the National Storytelling Network’s international virtual conference on environmental storytelling and eco-justice, April 8-10. She lives in Bartlesville, OK.

Andy HedgesSee featured teller page for bio.

1:00-2:00pm • Lunchtime Conversations

Chester Weems will lead the swap and discussion.

5:00 – 6:30pm • Featured and Special Tellers Concert

Tellers: Anne Rutherford, Andy Hedges, Decee Cornish, Donna Ingham, Eldrena Douma, Carolina Quiroga, Toni Simmons and Tim Tingle
Emcee: Hank Roubiek

See featured teller page for bios.