The Texas Liars Contest

Saturday, March 12
3:45 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Join us as some of the best liars in the state gather for a verbal slap down. This is an amateur competition. Members of the State Legislature are barred from entering. Our judges cannot be bought or bribed.

  • Eight minute time limit.
  • Family friendly material.
  • Points for originality and presentation.

Our Liars

Margaret Clauder has been lying since her mother asked her who ate the last of the chocolate chip cookies in third grade and she blamed her older brother.   Today she pretends to be people she isn’t such as Mother Goose, Mother Nature, Mrs. Claus, an air-headed scarecrow and more. She can be seen gallivanting around Texas to various schools and libraries where she tricks unsuspecting children into believing she’s the real deal.

Kevin Cogan began telling lies during his West Texas puppy years. When his family migrated to Houston, Kevin followed them to take advantage of available free food and lodging. He ended up in North Texas due to a space alien abduction. Kevin doesn’t recall the specific details because the event impacted his ability to remember stuff, like taking out the trash or putting his dirty clothes in the hamper rather than on the floor.

Rebecca Hom is a master storyteller and NSN Oracle recipient. She’s gathered and shared stories on six continents, with groups of all kinds, from toddlers to tottering elders. Trained in the field of social work Rebecca has spent over 30 years sharing stories with a message.

Dean Keith is an active storyteller and member of the North40 Storytellers Guild. He has performed in several roles at Lakeside Community Theater but now limits (sometimes) his non-storytelling performance activity to teaching technology to senior citizens at Dallas College. He and his wife Kathy have two grown daughters, Kelly and Rebecca. Four days a week, they have the pleasure of babysitting (thanks Becca) their now 19-month old grandson, Eli (Elijah).

Bernadette Nason, an English storyteller/author/actor, has been a Texas Commission on the Arts touring artist since 2002. She recently wrote and performed a solo show, “Confessions of an English Danger Girl” at Austin Playhouse, where she’s a company member. She appeared in the movie, “Miss Congeniality,” and more recently in “The Trial of Alice.” Her critically-acclaimed memoirs, “Tea in Tripoli” and “Stealing Baby Jesus,” are available at indie bookstores and on

Kanute Rarey is a North Carolina raconteur telling for the love of story. From farm boy to mountain man, from folk school roots to festival tents, from open mics to playhouse stage, Kanute puts the “imagine” in Imagination. His stories are known to tickle the fancy and touch the heart. No cussin’, no fussin’, no politickin”. He invites you to come sit a spell, add your own story to the mix or just kick back and listen for the fun!

Lorene Stilwell is a Celtic Seanachaidh and well-known liar. She has lied her way through 6 countries and eventually it caught up to her here in Texas. She has been cited for her award-winning lies in George West, Boerne, and here at the Texas Storytelling Festival.

Colin Urwin is a folk singer, songwriter and storyteller from Ireland described as “..keeping alive the tradition of the Seanchai”. Along with his self-penned stories drawn from the local legend and folklore of his beloved Glens of Antrim, Colin tells many traditional Irish and Scottish folk tales. In March 2021 he released his first album, “A Kind of Love Song”, and in July two story albums entitled “The Madman’s Window” and “The Swan Maiden”.

Joe Yoder is a bona fide SOB (Southern Oklahoma Boy) so lying is second nature.  His first nature is sales, working on old cars, playing English croquet, and pulling like crazy for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  His wife of 40+ years is a bona fide Yankee (Philadelphia).  The marriage has succeeded because Joe knows his wife is always right, even when she’s wrong.  They share a home in Dallas with a worthless dog and persnickety cat.