Workshop 1 • Friday, July 30 • 4:40-5:30pm

The Importance of Being Yourself Onstage

Presenter: Josh Goforth must have been born musical—he was already playing piano in church at the age of four—but it was an experience he had in the sixth grade that really lit the fuse of his precocious musical career. A performance at Goforth’s middle school by Sheila Kay Adams caused him to start thinking about the musical heritage and stories of his native Madison County, NC. Josh was able to listen and learn from local masters like Gordon and Arvil Freeman and Jerry Adams. Goforth is a highly accomplished storyteller and acoustic musician playing close to 20 different instruments.

Moderator: David Claunch does more than just clown around. He is a retired construction project engineer. He did not retire due to age, he retired because he found his true calling. Storyteller, speaker, clown, and balloon artist.

Workshop 2 • Saturday, July 31 • 1:30–2:30 pm

Empower Your Storytelling Voice! Tips and Techniques for Beginning Storytellers

No experience necessary! Learn the basics of telling stories with tips and techniques to start your storytelling journey. This interactive session will include games and exercises to develop your storytelling skills. Demonstrations and practice will enable you to enrich your storytelling voice! Toni will introduce her recorded workshop on Zoom and then stick around for a Q&A session afterwards.

Presenter: Toni Simmons’ diversified background gives her the poise, confidence and adaptability to entertain audiences of all walks of life with multicultural oral traditions. She takes you on an odyssey to other countries where you explore different cultures with her unique and spirited versions of familiar tales. These tales “come to life” as listeners become part of her stories with carefully orchestrated rhythms, chants and

Workshop 3 • Saturday, July 31 • 5:00–6:00 p.m.

From Told Story to Written: Using Storytelling to Spark Good Writing

How can storytellers (students and adults) turn a told story into a written tale? Using prompts and an interactive format, Tim will share tips and tricks to make your creative juices flow. A fun workshop that will teach you techniques that you can use for your own storytelling.

Presenter: Tim Tingle grew up in a small community between Houston and Galveston, and his favorite childhood memory was the movie “Creature of the Black Lagoon.” His dad sometimes let him skip school and join him fishing on the piers of the Gulf Coast. His grandsons are named after Russian novelist Nikos Kazantzakis and the song “Finnegan’s Wake.”

Moderator: Sally Goodroe has told stories for over 30 years in schools, libraries, and festivals. Sally’s favorite stories are world folktales, especially interactive stories and stories from the British Isles. She has a master’s degree in folklore from the University of Edinburgh and works as a librarian in Houston.

Workshop 4 • Sunday, August 1 • 5:00–6:00 p.m.

So, You Want to Start a Youth Storytelling Club

There’s a whole new generation of youth storytellers waiting for you to start a club and begin the mentoring process. Join me for a fun and interactive workshop that will include tips, tricks and games that you can take back home and get started.

Presenter: Vivian Rutherford, native Houstonian and mother of three, is a natural-born yard spinner. She defies the joyless librarian bookworm stereotype. She is a storyteller who does not “hush” children – she positively incites and inspires kids about reading through vivid tales and commands attention and affection from rapt listeners of her stories.

Moderator: Sue Kuentz having been an educator for 32 years in the elementary school and conducting several workshops integrating the TEKS and storytelling into writing, reading, and theatre arts. Sue excites youth audiences with her folktales/fairytales from around the world.