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Tejas Storytelling Association is in Denton, Texas. (940) 380-9320
We will return your call to answer questions, sign you up as a Tejas member, send you further information on our organization, arrange for your purchase of tickets for Tejas events, or help you connect with storytellers in your area.

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Tejas Storytelling Association • 214 W. Hickory St. • Denton, TX 76201

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Tejas Storytelling Association does not discriminate in employment, access, membership, or admission to programs or services based on disability. Reasonable accommodations may be requested Tejas Storytelling Association’s phone and/or email contact information on this page.

All of our programs and services are accessible. The Tejas Storytelling Association office is on the 2nd floor of an official Texas Historical Landmark building. Due to this designation, an elevator is not allowed and access is only via stairs. We can make arrangements to meet any person downstairs who cannot climb the stairs.

Please contact the TSA Board of Directors to report any violations related to access.