Danielle Bellone is a storyteller, fabulist, poet, and teacher of language arts. She completed her Master’s in Storytelling at East Tennessee State University, and studied with Laura Packer as the 2017 recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s JJ Reneaux Mentorship Grant. Though she delights in stories of all kinds, her particular favorites are new trad: original stories in the style of folk tales that speak to more contemporary concerns. She’s always up for stories with joyful absurdity, queer heroes, and gratuitous singing. After a stint in the Appalachian mountains and the strange hills of Austin, Texas, she is thrilled to be nestled back in her mother country, New Orleans, where she lives with her spouse and 3-legged dog, Grover Cleveland. Her work can be read in Indigo Ink’s Modern Grimmoire, heard on her storytelling album, Moon-Eyed Sister or the storytelling podcast The Apple Seed, or at her dinner table.

Phone: 225-229-3554
Email: danielle.bellone@gmail.com
Website: http://www.pocketmousetells.com