David Bowles, author of The Westward Sagas and member of the Tejas Storytelling Association, the National Storytelling Network, and the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, enjoys sharing what he learned from his historical and genealogical research. He is available to share his entertaining and educational presentations with schools, churches, and other organizations.

David grew up listening to his parents, aunts, and uncles telling stories about his ancestors. As a child, he loved to sit on the front porch of his aunt and uncle’s ranch house at the end of the day, eating fresh peaches and listening to the family stories his relatives told.

After years of research, he started writing a series of novels about his ancestors. Although the stories are consistent with known history, he is writing the books as fiction to include dialogue and to fill in the gaps in the historical records. David has spoken to children, youth, and adults about topics such as:

  • The Role of Churches in the American Revolution
  • Women in the Revolutionary War
  • Farming during Revolutionary Times
  • Turning Point of the Revolution: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse
  • Researching and Preserving Your Family History
  • For Students: Relating History to Real People … and You
  • What Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You about George Washington
  • The First Daughter of Austin, Texas
  • The Last Days of the Republic of Texas
  • The Lost State of Franklin


To arrange for a speaking engagement, contact Holly Langford at holly@westwardsagas.com.