Storyspinning, the name Loralee Cooley has used for over 20 years for her storytelling work, comes from STORYtelling and yarnSPINNING. And that’s what she does: she spins yarns of all sorts: folk tales from Scotland, legends from the Georgian Republic, tall tales from all over the US, family memories, poetry, folk songs and old songs and carols and gospel songs (using authoharp or piano)… Each program can be uniquely designed for the event, whether a holiday, a season, a period of history, a country, or a particular theme. Or she can do “Stories Out of a Hat,” when a hodge-podge of story titles are drawn from a hat by different listeners, and she tells those tales. A new project tapped her on the shoulder on January 20, 2009, while telling “Inauguration Day Stories.”  With so many students who listened to those stories having questions, misunderstandings, and downright inaccuracies about the new president being sworn in that day, she felt that shoulder-tapping to tell the story of Barack Obama’s childhood.  The book that is the result is called “ISLAND CHILD.”  And it’s soon to be available on-line at , a corporate sponsor of ROOM-TO-READ.  Read an excerpt of “ISLAND CHILD” on her website.