It all started in kindergarten. While sitting in a chair, she fell backwards on the floor as she was listening to her teacher read a story. The children laughed. This pleased Tina so she fell backwards two more times, on purpose. This did not please the teacher so into the small, dark closet Tina went. From that day on she knew she liked making people laugh, (though she is not too crazy about small, dark spaces).

In High School she learned she enjoyed working in libraries because it was a way to help people. So for the next 39 years she has found ways to make people happy while working in libraries and providing programs of all kinds, including storytelling. Her signature story is Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. She has been a member of various library and other organizations, given a number of presentations, and has served as President of the North Texas Book Festival for the last year and half. She is the Director of the Betty Foster Public Library in Ponder. Resume available upon request 🙂

Betty Foster (Ponder) Public Library phone 940-479-2683