Gary Whitaker, The Storyman, has been performing since 1997.

I have over 16 years of experience storytelling at schools, libraries and festivals plus giving workshops and conducting festival programs at the TSA Festival. I am good at what I do and have fun with it.

I have multiple programs that allow me to entertain and have fun with my audience. I costume for all of my programs. I am as much an entertainer as I am a Storyteller.

Shiny Buzzard is an Old West Cowboy Tall Tale Teller who also plays a Banjolele and sings (that’s debatable) for his audience. A fun program.

Medieval Max is a teller of Medieval Tall Tales. His specialty is the ‘Lost tales of King Arthur ‘ (which mind ya probably should stay that way) Max has fun with the characters of Arthurian legends.

Crusty Gabe, is a Mountain Man who tells true stories of Mountain Men such as John Colter, Bill Sublette and Huge Glass and more. Some of these stories are intense.

Ghost Stories – If you’re looking for a ghost Story teller look no further. The Storyman is one of the best, particularly when it comes to youth. I am presently working on a book to publish of Ghost Stories.

Plus I have several other programs such as Fir Pit tales, Irish folk tales, The Civil War Veteran Program and Special – Beowulf Program.

Visit my website for more details. You can also watch on my website several youtube videos, so please check them out. All of the videos that I posted are designed for general family viewing.

Programs above also available for Aspire or After School Programs – please see website Fee Page for fees.