35th Annual

Texas Live with 35  —  March 12-15, 2020

It is with great deal of sadness that we cut our Texas Live with 35 festival short. The plug was pulled when the City of Denton told us this afternoon they were closing the Civic Center as of tonight. We are very disappointed and wish things were different. Thank you for your continued support. The board will meet on Tuesday to figure out the finiatial ramifications. Your understanding is appreciated and crucial.
—Raine Teller, TSA Board President

Denton, Texas

Love listening to scary stories? Tall tales? Or maybe personal yarns? Come to Denton to celebrate 35 years of Texas Storytelling Festivals featuring 35 Tejas Tellers with three-and-half days of stories that will feed your mind, heart, and soul.  

Featured Tejas Tellers:
David Claunch, Tim Couch, Kathy Culmer, Decee Cornish, Eldrena Douma, Elizabeth Ellis, James Ford, Dalton Gregory, Donna Ingham, Mary Grace Ketner, J.B. Keith, Sue Kuentz, Shayne Larango, Kim Lehman , Tom McDermott, Betsy Mosier, Bernadette Nason, Ann Marie Newman, Paul Normandin,  Jeannine Pasini-Beekman Fred Peters, Jiaan Powers, Sheila Starks Phillips, Jacqui Rash, Gayle Ross, Vivian Rutherford, Consuelo Samarripa, Jay Stailey, Fran Stallings, Larry Thompson, Tim Tingle, Twice Upon a Time, Darci Tucker, Shelly Tucker, and Nancy Burks Worcester.

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The Texas Storytelling Festival is made possible with the support of the City of Denton, the Denton Benefit League, the Greater Denton Arts Council, the Texas Commission on the Arts, the National Endowment of the Arts, TSA members and volunteers, and our business and community partners.