Saturday, March 11 • 3:45 – 5:15pm

Tony Hardman – “Emmett Dalton Tells His Story”

Emmett Dalton was one of the four infamous Dalton Brothers that robbed trains and banks.  The Dalton Gang entered into the town of Coffeyville, Kansas with the intent of robbing two banks at the same time in broad daylight.  The result was one of the biggest shootouts in western history, in which Emmett was the only survivor.  He was sentenced to life in prison, but released on parole after fourteen years, moved to California and became an actor, author, and real estate businessman.  Tony Hardman becomes the character of Emmett Dalton, telling the story from Emmett’s own perspective, describing the events leading up to the robbery and to its tragic conclusion.

Tony Hardman currently serves as the Library Director for Oklahoma Panhandle State University in Goodwell, Oklahoma.  In addition, he teaches classes in Speech Communication and Introduction to Theatre.  Tony has been a regular presenter at the Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival since its beginnings and has been part of the Oklahoma Olio for both Winter Tales and the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival.  Tony is unofficially referred to as the No Man’s Land storyteller as many of his stories focus on No Man’s Land history ranging from how Hooker got its name to the great cattle dung feud.  He is the Artist in Residence at the No Man’s Land Historical Museum where he has performed ghost stories every Halloween night for the last twelve years.


Dale Schultz – “A Walk in the Park”

A Walk in the Park introduces Parker, Dale’s personal, front-line experience with Parkinson’s disease. He describes living with Parker as a ‘walk in the Park.’ (Pun intended? Certainly.) This is a long walk to places Dale has never been. Had it been his choice, it would be the road not taken – the one that would have made all the difference. “All right then. If I cannot control it, I can at least manage it, can’t I?” But, can you really manage the uncontrollable? Each day is different from the other. Each day is a surprise.

Dale Schultz is a storyteller, actor, artist, writer, and musician. He embraces life even when it’s trying to squeeze the stuffing out of him. Using traditional tales and original material he entertains and inspires his audiences to explore their unique and mutual experience and discover the dynamic of our shared narrative.

Ronald Carter – “The Day Heaven and Earth Quarreled”

Using story, song and drumming, he combines an African folktale with his original story “Uumba the Panda Bear”. Heaven and Earth have a heated argument that affect the social and physical well-being of the people of Djenne and the animals of the neighboring forest. The story ends happily with all involved.

Ronald Carter is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, native now living in Killeen, Texas. He uses his talents as a storyteller, poet historical re-enactor, musician, and visual artist to speak the stories with the narration of the social political corridors that he and others have traveled through life.

Ric Vice – “Elmer McCurdy, The Bandit Who Wouldn’t Quit”

This is a little known story of an inept outlaw from Oklahoma and Kansas who was more famous for 66 years following his demise. His corpse appeared in silent movies, television and a Los Angeles funhouse.

Ric Vice loves telling stories that use laughter, sound effects, and characters with a message that children and adults can carry home. His tales engage and delight listeners, drawing on his background as a professional jazz musician. He was featured on this year’s Kansas City Storytelling Celebration.