Fringe Concerts are held in the Woman’s Club Building
on Saturday, March 14 • 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. and 3:00 – 5:15 p.m. 

Xochitl y Papalotl

Sandra Aguirre-Magaña
Enjoy a Mexican myth that narrates the adventure of Xochitl as she helps a Monarch butterfly to its sanctuary within a forest in Michoacán, Mexico. To her surprise, she discovers butterflies aren’t the only animals that hibernate in that forbidden forest. A mysterious beast confronts her with a strange request. She creatively outwits the beast while fulfilling his request and makes it home safely.

Sandra is a bilingual storyteller, educator, and author from El Paso with recent performances and workshops at El Paso area school districts, The Fort Worth Library System, The National Storytelling Summit, and The Chicago Millennium Park Foundation. 

The Women of Wall Street

Michael Brundy
A story about one of the riches women on Wall Street.  About how she made her money, spent her money and dealt with the men of their day. Lessons we can learn from her life.

Michael Brundy is a storyteller who enjoys informing, entertaining and inspiring his audiences.  He is an author, a speaker and a marathoner.

Let Me Sing You a Story

Charlotte Ivy
Charlotte invites YOU….to come get to know a river and her secrets, to join a nostalgic trip back to a memory, to wonder about a life changing decision, and to share in a glimpse of a changing way of life! Tales told and unfold accompanied by Charlotte’s guitar, affectionately named GRACE. Join Charlotte, Grace, and the RED RIVER ROSES for an adventure, BLUEGRASS Style!

Charlotte, guitarist and singer-songwriter, shares good songs and fun-to know stories. She played and recorded in Nashville, TN and is currently in a local band, The RED RIVER ROSES. Until recently, she was the rhythm guitarist for the Virginia OPRY and director of the NEW OLD SCHOOL JUNIOR VIRGINA OPRY.

Cinderella (Deconstructed)

Loren Niemi
This is not the story you remember and certainly not Disney. This is Cinderella in seven moments, six characters, three voices (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) and two time frames (past, present) with audience participation determining how it is told. Dark and ironic, intimate, and confessional…

Loren is an innovative storyteller and author whose work includes a ghost story collection,  “What Haunts Us”,  “The New Book of Plots” on narrative forms and the critically acclaimed, “Inviting the Wolf In: Thinking About Difficult Stories.” co-authored with Elizabeth Ellis.

Growing Up Only

Joyce Ormond
Tales from childhood about how growing up only effects and shapes a storytellers life. How a fabulous childhood lifestyle can come from; farm animals’ playmates, manipulation of surrounding adults, unbounded freedom, and a great variety of characters.

Growing up on a farm in California, the only child surrounded by adults, Joyce listened to stories all her young life. Teaching for 40 years, she found storytelling a valuable teaching tool. After retiring, she expanded her storytelling to adult audiences.

Stirring the Pot

Lorene Stilwell
Through a mix of history, folklore, music, poetry, and family legend, Scots Seanachias Lorene Mchutcheon Stilwell explores tales of women who stir the pot, cook up a storm, and create from scratch and that which sustains and strengthens their family, the community, and world. WARNING: There may be edibles.

Lorene McHutcheon Stilwell was raised in a matriarchal lineage of Scots Seanachaen (traditional storytellers) on the West Coast of Scotland surrounded by stories. Lorene has deepened her sense of story through the lifelong study of mythology, literature, music, and poetry of the Celtic peoples.

The Night Witches: Gadflies of World War II

David Thompson
During World War II and the Nazi invasion of Russia, the Night Witches (Nachthexen in German), the Soviet Women’s Airforce, wreaked havoc on the invading troops.  These brave women and their story must not be forgotten.

David Thompson is an internationally known storyteller.  His historical programs have been hailed throughout higher education.  Telling for some 45+ years, he delights in bringing history to life, making it accessible to all people.