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Liars Contest

Saturday 2:00-3:30pm

Join us as some of the best liars in the state gather for a verbal slap down.
This is an amateur competition.
Members of the State Legislature are barred from entering.

  • Time limits
  • Family friendly material
  • Points for originality and presentation.
  • Our judges cannot be bought or bribed!


Cora Newcomb
has been a professional storyteller for over 25 years and loves telling stories and creating memorable characters. She has told stories to audiences of all ages throughout the Southeastern United States, engaging the senses and enchanting audiences everywhere she goes. Her focus the last couple of years has been researching what a storyteller needs to do to create a strong stage performance.

Nelda Toñe
graduated from University of North Texas with a BS in Emergency Administration & Planning; minor in Leadership of Community & Non-Profit Organizations. While working with several non-profit organizations and government agencies, she established an inspection company. After many years of success, she chose to pursue her passion for public speaking. Presently, she is a storyteller who provides the audience with a unique approach to how to achieve their goals. neldatone.com

Rich White
is a storyteller from the Kansas City, MO area who discovered storytelling after he retired in 2017. He tells a variety of stories, but has been known to stretch the truth on occasion. Rich’s greatest pleasure comes in seeing his audience get into a story, laugh and have a good time.

Gary Whitaker
knows to tell great lies one must have a body of experience to build on. 72 years young with 30 years as a professional storyteller, Gary Whitaker, the Storyman, has that covered in spades. A local Fort Worth boy of the 1950’s and 60’s, he brings to life fun and often bizarre experiences through storytelling. Some may even be true. Email: www.storymantales.com

Kevin Cogan
began telling lies during his West Texas puppy years. When his family migrated to Houston, Kevin followed them to take advantage of available free food and lodging. He ended up in North Texas due to a space alien abduction. Kevin doesn’t recall the specific details because the event impacted his ability to remember stuff, like taking out the trash or putting his dirty clothes in the hamper rather than on the floor. story.teller@cogan.cc

Steve McCluer
has been writing and telling stories for over thirty years. A Dallas resident, he is a member of the Dallas Storytelling Guild, Writers Guild of Texas, and Carrollton League of Writers. Over the years he has progressed from telling children’s stories to funny, personal, thoughtful, and –his favorite—scary stories. Steve has held four world titles in sky diving. He loves dogs and dislikes cats, so cats are naturally attracted to him.