The Texas Liars Contest

Saturday, March 11
1:30 – 3:30pm

Join us as some of the best liars in the state gather for a verbal slap down.
This is an amateur competition.
Members of the State Legislature are barred from entering.
Our judges cannot be bought or bribed.

  • Ten minute time limit.
  • Family friendly material.
  • Points for originality and presentation.


David Bowles was born a storyteller, growing up listening to the stories of his elders. This fifth generation Texan has authored five novels and more short stories than he can count. He and a yellow lab named Becka travel by RV, telling the stories of the Westward Sagas. and

Deb Ann Allison has been immersed in storytelling since the days of listening to her grandmother tell family history from a rocking chair. Her stories grow like magical seeds hidden in the heart from spirit, family, and cross-country travel. She enjoys sharing her tales with listeners of all ages. Deb Ann is semi-retired in DFW and is near completion of her first historical fiction novel inspired by one of her favorite tales.

Decee Cornish, recipient of the John Henry Falk Award for Storytelling, is also a playwright, author, oral historian, and youth program provider/coordinator. Known as the “Asphalt AESOP” and “Urban Griot”, Decee has entertained audiences for over two decades in schools, libraries, festivals, and special events nationally.

Fran Stallings is an internationally known award-winning storyteller, author, and recording artist. Her favorite word is “imagination”—using no props or pictures, she paints vivid images in listeners’ minds. She tells world folktales, fact-tales of science, and original creations enlivened with audience participation in action and song. Fran co-chairs Earth Up, the National Storytelling Network’s international virtual conference on environmental storytelling and eco-justice, April 8-10. She lives in Bartlesville, OK.

Kevin Cogan began telling lies during his puppy years in West Texas. When his family migrated to Houston, Kevin followed to take advantage of the available free food and lodging. His lies improved to the point he was able to get married. He and his wife moved to a small farm in North Texas. His family encourages his continual lying by rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in amazed disbelief.

Michael Winters is a psychologist, one of 14 children (and also a twin), and an officer in the Houston Storyteller’s Guild. He is also a Moth storytelling champion, author of over one thousand non-published haikus, and an eager home cook sourcing heirloom corn from Mexico to nixtamalize and grind his own masa for tortillas. He studies improvisational theater and loves being a grandfather.

Tony Hardman is the library director at Oklahoma Panhandle State University in Goodwell, Oklahoma. He is a member of Territory Tellers and has served in various positions on their board including president. He is also active in community theatre where he has played such roles as Juror #3 in Twelve Angry Men and Ben Rumson in Paint Your Wagon. Tony is also the artist in residence at the No Man’s Land Museum in Goodwell, where he has told ghost stories each Halloween night for the last twelve years. This will be his fourth time performing at Texas Storytelling Festival.

Warren Holleman grew up in a tobacco farming community in eastern North Carolina, pretending not to listen to the family stories told by his father and uncles. These days, Warren enjoys re-telling those stories, as well as a few of his own. His stories have been featured on the Moth Mainstage and the Moth Radio Hour. Warren now lives in Houston and is a member of the Houston Storytellers Guild.