Master Classes

Master classes are two hour intensive workshops to learn ways to hone storytelling skills from national and international storytellers. Continuing education credits will be given for each master class attended. The cost of these workshops is not included in full festival tickets. Reserve tickets in advance, or purchase at the door. Each workshop is $40.

Sunday, March 12 • 8:30-11:00am

Something Old – Something New: A Story-Making Workshop

Presenter: Colin Urwin / Facilitator: Rick Davis

The old rhyme finishes with… something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe, and it provides the perfect metaphor for the process Colin often uses to forge his stories that sound as if they’ve been around for millennia. The “something borrowed” can be family anecdotes or scraps of folklore; “something blue” might be thought of as a memory or emotion, and not necessarily sad but joyous too; the “;silver sixpence” will be represented by artefacts that participants may find inspirational, even magical… weaving these strands together or just following one, Colin will guide workshop participants through a process of creation in which “Something Old” and perhaps ill-defined can be reshaped and reimagined and turned into a wonder tale that is not just “Something New” but eminently tellable.

Colin Urwin described as “keeping alive the tradition of the Seanchaí,” is a folk singer, songwriter and storyteller from Ireland. As well as his self-penned stories drawn from the local legend and folklore of his beloved Glens of Antrim, Colin tells many traditional Irish and Scottish folk tales.

Sunday, March 12 • 8:30-11:00am

Exploring Memoir: Telling Your Own Tales

Presenter: Bernadette Nason / Facilitator: Valerie Kimble

Everyone has a story; it’s time to find and share yours! Rediscover, reclaim, and explore your memories. Analyze the reasons for writing a memoir and presenting personal tales. Discuss the importance of memory-keeping tools. Learn how to create a time-line to structure your work. Create prompts to shake up your memories. Work on exercises to reactivate your brain and revive your life experiences. Come away with ideas on where to share your personal stories, whether on the stage or on the page. During the course of this inspiring and informative master-class, Bernadette will share anecdotes, both for entertainment and for demonstration purposes.

Bernadette Nason is a storyteller/actor/author, acclaimed for multicultural folktales and presentations about her life/travels. She’s regularly seen in regional theatre, receiving the Austin Critics’ Award for Conspicuous Versatility. She appeared in “Miss Congeniality” and was 2017’s Biggest Liar in Texas. She’s published two memoirs.