Friday, March 13
4:30–5:30 pm
Civic Center Stage

Bonnie Cooley

Dallas Storytelling Guild
Hailing from a long lineage of storytelling, Bonnie honed her craft giving tours of historic Charleston, South Carolina. Today she continues that tradition at Dallas Heritage Village, sharing tales of past histories as well as current escapades of the mammoth jack donkeys and heritage breed chickens she works with.

Rick Davis

Central Texas Storytelling Guild
Born and raised in Woodville, Southeast Texas, RICK DAVIS now welcomes storytelling as a friendly alternative to “truth.” Admiring recordings and writings of Doc Moore, Rick performs many of Doc’s favorites, from chilling ghost stories to humor-filled Jack Tales. Featured Teller at the Heritage Gardens’ Ghost Story Concert, he is a frequent Teller for Storytelling Saturday at the Austin Public Library, Cepeda Branch.

Sharon Manning

Tarrant Area Guild of Storytellers
I’m a retired children’s librarian who loves children’s books and stories. I joined Tejas in 1986 and TAGS later. I have loved meeting everyone and enjoyed all their stories.

Sandra Monogue

Rockwall Storytelling Guild 
Sandra Monogue, Rockwall Storytelling Guild’s Rising Star for 2020, has been a member of the Rockwall Storytelling Guild for 2 years and had been a member in Rockwall Toastmasters for 2 years. Her mentor, Leslie Buie, taught her to create stories with passion, therefore, igniting passion in her audience.  She has told stories at the Rockwall Public Library for children.

John Munley

San Antonio Storytellers Guild
John comes from a long line of storytellers going back to 13th Century Ireland where his great aunt was a sought after “Irish witch” said to have magical healing powers. His own business career has taken him worldwide, and he has incorporated this experience into his storytelling. His venues include small and large gatherings in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Texas.