Sunday, March 15, 2020
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Civic Center Stage

Eldrena Douma

Eldrena grew up in the pueblo tribes of the Laguna, Tewa and Hopi. Her experiences as a teacher and her Native upbringing made a powerful foundation for her work as a storyteller. A recipient of the prestigious John Henry Faulk Award, she travels the country sharing her captivating stories.


Sue Kuentz

Thank goodness storytelling found Sue early in her career because she has a lot to say! Her enthusiastic and interactive storytelling of all genres was nurtured every year at the Tejas Storytelling Festival and Conferences. She’s the 2016 recipient of the Tejas Storytelling Association’s Colson-Herndon Storytelling in Education Award.

Ann Marie Newman

Ann Marie is a creative dreamer who grew up to be a performance storyteller, visual artist and poet. She uses a variety of materials and myriad techniques to create sensory-rich storytelling experiences. Her love for people, their stories, their art, is made manifest through her “story sharing”.


Consuelo Samarripa

Consuelo is an educator, award-winning author, bilingual storyteller, and performing artist. Her services include educational workshops for all ages, in-service/training workshops and public speaking engagements. Audiences relate to her different perspectives- as a native and a foreigner. Unique bilingual blends, interesting “noise makers”, shawls and costumes enhance her storytelling style.


Nancy Burks Worcester

Nancy Burks Worcester has made a living as a storytelling ventriloquist for almost 30 years. Accompanied by her “mannequin-American” friends, she has worked in almost every state as well as Canada and Mexico.  She has a story included in “Best Stories from the Texas Storytelling Festival”. Nancy lives in Granbury with her firefighter husband and six rescue animals. She has four grandchildren.