Events on Saturday, March 13, 2021


9:00-10:30 am – Concert
Fringe Tales II

Tellers: David Thompson, Lorene Stillwell, Michael Brundy, and Charlotte Ivy. Emcee: Shelby Smith

The Night Witches: Gadflies of World War II
David Thompson

During World War II and the Nazi invasion of Russia, the Night Witches (Nachthexen in German), the Soviet Women’s Airforce, wreaked havoc on the invading troops. These brave women and their story must not be forgotten.

David Thompson is an internationally known storyteller. His historical programs have been hailed throughout higher education. Telling for some 45+ years, he delights in bringing history to life, making it accessible to all people.

Stirring the Pot
Lorene Stilwell

Through a mix of history, folklore, music, poetry, and family legend, Scots Seanachias Lorene McHutcheon Stilwell explores tales of women who stir the pot, cook up a storm, and create from scratch and that which sustains and strengthens their family, the community, and world. WARNING: There may be edibles.

Lorene McHutcheon Stilwell was raised in a matriarchal lineage of Scots Seanachaen (traditional storytellers) on the West Coast of Scotland surrounded by stories. Lorene has deepened her sense of story through the lifelong study of mythology, literature, music and poetry of the Celtic peoples.

The Witch of Wall Street
Michael Brundy

A story about one of the richest women on Wall Street—how she made her money, spent her money, and dealt with the men of their day—and the lessons we can learn from her life.

Michael Brundy is a storyteller who enjoys informing, entertaining and inspiring his audiences. He is an author, a speaker and a marathoner.

Let Me Sing You a Story
Charlotte Ivy

Charlotte invites you to get to know a river and her secrets, join a nostalgic trip back to a memory, wonder about a life-changing decision, and share in a glimpse of a changing way of life. Tales told and unfold, accompanied by Charlotte’s guitar, affectionately named Grace. Join Charlotte, Grace, and the Red River Roses for an adventure, bluegrass style!

Charlotte, a guitarist and singer-songwriter, shares good songs and fun-to know stories. She played and recorded in Nashville and is currently in a local band, The Red River Roses. Until recently, she was the rhythm guitarist for the Virginia Opry and director of the New Old School Junior Virginia Opry.

9:00-10:30 am – Workshop 5
Stories of Magic from the Ancient World

Presenter: Barbara Tucker. Moderator: Vivian Rutherford

The people living in the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Common Era (and before) saw the world in their own unique way. Magic was interwoven into their everyday lives. In this workshop you will learn to see the world from an ancient point of view through story, ancient writers and archeology.

Barbara Tucker is a retired teacher-librarian with over 40 years experience teaching people of all ages. Currently Ms. Tucker is an active member of the Tejas Storytelling Association and the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International.

10:45-noon – Concert
Stories of Hardship and Hope in the Heart of the Pandemic

Presenters: Ann Marie Newman , Sophie Holder, Hank Roubicek, Sarah Hill, and Dr. Susan R. Bailey. Emcee: MaryAnn Blue

About the Storytellers

Ann Marie Newman
Writer/Artist/OopsyAnnie. Diversely creative, Ann Marie Newman is a storyteller, writer, poet, conceptual artist, and Oopsy Annie, the joyful wanderer on YouTube. Best of all, she’s a dreamer. COVID19 gave her a rocky ride in October 2020, but the destination turned out to be a marvelous gift!

Sophie Holder
Sophie Holder is a freshman at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas, and a 2016 National Storytelling Youth Torchbearer. She competes against speech and debate teams across the United States where, curiously enough, Humorous Interpretation is her favorite event. As a fierce right wing on her high school soccer team, she still finds time to entertain her classmates on occasion, most recently as Woodstock in her high school’s musical You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

Hank Roubicek
Hank Roubicek is Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at the University of Houston Downtown. He is creator and lead host of So, What’s Your Story? on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM, author of several books including So, What’s Your Story: Discovering the Story in You, and contributor to Studies in Mythology published by Oxford Press. Hank is a contributor to Houston Matters, a Houston Moth storytelling champion, member of the National Storytelling Network and the Tejas Storytelling Association, and president of the Houston Storytellers Guild. He is also a past recipient of the prestigious “Trailblazers Award” presented by TSA for pioneering storytelling in the Houston area.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill is a wife, mother, sister and friend, and a daughter to our beloved ASL interpreter and musical storyteller Joel Hill. If that isn’t enough, she is also a critical care registered nurse caring for ICU COVID patients for the last year. Really though, underneath it all, she says that she is a human being, a kindred spirit, just like you.

Dr. Susan R. Bailey
Susan R. Bailey, MD, an allergist/immunologist from Fort Worth, Texas, was elected president of the American Medical Association in June 2020. Her long history of service in helping guide organized medicine extends to the local and state levels as well. She has served as board chair and president of the Tarrant County Medical Society and as president of the Texas Medical Association. Dr. Bailey and her husband live in Ft. Worth and have two sons and one grandson. She is an elder and longtime choir member of her church.

12:00-1:30 pm  Concert
Story Slam: Five-Minute Stories

Emcees: Loren Niemi, 2019 Slam Winner, and Betsy Mosier, 2020 Slam Winner

Theme – Just Enough (to Make a Story)
Pretty much any true, personal true story you can fit into 5 minutes will be told.

Slam Tellers (the order of the tellers will be by drawing)
Cooper Braun-Enos; Del Doughty; Gail McMillan; Howard Lieberman; Jacinda Estelle; Jacqulin Rash; Jane McDaniel; Janice Curtis Greene; Michael Guinn; Walter Boyd

2:00-3:15 pm – Concert
Bald-Faced Lies and Other Outlandish Truths

Tellers: Kevin Cogan, Skip Skipworth, Anne Rutherford, Sandra Aguirre-Magana, Norm Brecke,
Libby Tipton, Ingrid Nixon, M. J. Kang, and Oba William King (1st place winner from 2020). Emcee: Sheila Phillips

About the Storytellers

Kevin Cogan
Kevin spent his puppy years in West Texas. When his family later migrated to Houston, Kevin followed them due to the availability of free food and lodging. He eventually escaped to North Texas where he and his wife raised four children and grew old together.

Skip Skipworth
An artist by trade, a fisherman by hobby, and a liar by compulsion.

Anne Rutherford
Award-winning storyteller Anne Rutherford delights audiences nationwide with funny, moving performances that include tales of personal adventure, Pacific Northwest folklore and prize-winning tall tales. However, she is also five-time first place winner of the Northwest Folklife Liar’s Contest—so, don’t believe everything she tells you. She is currently telling stories over the ether hither and yon—find out more about her virtual shows at

Sandra Aguirre-Magana
Sandra is a trained storyteller, educator and author from the vibrant and gritty Pilsen Neighborhood of Chicago. She now lives in the equally vibrant and welcoming sun city of El Paso, Texas. Her storytelling is inspired by her family, students and life experiences in the hopes that it is relatable to people from all walks of life.

Norm Brecke
Before becoming a full-time storyteller, Norm was an award-winning teacher. He’s told and sang from Oregon to Florida. Norm’s been a featured teller at festivals, written 3 books, and his CD, The Rough Edge of the Ocean, received a Storytelling World Honor.

M.J. Kang
M.J. Kang is a playwright, actor, improviser, director and storyteller. She has won many story slams, has had eight plays produced, been a series regular on a Canadian television show, and directed narrative improvised shows as well as plays. She’s excited to be directing her first short film in 2021.

Libby Tipton
Libby Tipton is a professional sign language interpreter from Flag Pond, TN. Now in her 41st year of interpreting, she recently left her 25-year position with East Tennessee State University to work for the Tennessee School for the Deaf. Libby also works as a freelance interpreter, an ASL instructor, workshop presenter, and a consultant on deafness, focusing on storytelling and Appalachian culture. Having deaf parents, she was always a natural at communicating other people’s stories through her hands. Now Libby tells her own tales about life in a colorful deaf Appalachian family.

Ingrid Nixon
Ingrid Nixon is a world-traveling storyteller who whisks listeners away on journeys of the imagination. She loves a good lie, something that made her mother both proud and worried. She hails from Southeast Alaska where she wears a Ranger hat. More at

Oba William King
Oba William King is a poetic storyteller, traditional folk arts presenter, author, performer, and director of JUSTUSarts Educational Entertainment. Oba is a touring artist on the Texas Commission on The Arts roster and last year’s Liar’s Contest Winner.

3:30-4:15 pm – Concert
The Red Altar: Stories of Immigration, Migrations and Journeys

Tellers: Eth-Noh-Tec. Emcee: Jiaan Powers

The Red Altar Project: Stories of Immigration, Migrations and Journeys is a visual and performance art celebration of our stories towards a diverse society. This project welcomes not only Americans who are from an immigrant status, not just People of Color, but all peoples who have taken challenging journeys and risks against racism, hatred and ignorance. Through the triumph of their survival and the endeavors of their communities they have woven a stronger social fabric for us all. We believe that art created from this context will transform and enlighten all!

Red Altar is a live doc-drama, multi-media storytelling performance from Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec. It is about 6 teens that crossed the ocean from China, crashed in the Carmel Bay of California and started the fishing industry in the Monterey Bay area in 1850.

With courage, perseverance and ingenuity, they put down roots despite the anti-Chinese legislation and violence that spanned over 1/2 a century in America.

4:15-6:00 pm

Discussion led by Eth-Noh-Tec

6:00-7:00 pm
Social Hour with Eth-Noh-Tec

Moderator: Jiaan Powers

6:30-7:00 pm – Pre-Concert Music

with Joel Hill & Sleepy Creek

7:00-9:00 pm – Concert
The Mystery of Story

Featured Tellers: Heather Forest, Sam Payne, Donna Washington, and Eth-Noh-Tec. Emcee: Chester Weems

9:30-11:00 pm – Late Night Concert
The Stars at Night: Deep in the Heart of Texas

Tellers: Rick Davis, John Hale, Vivian Rutherford, and Leslie Ogilvie. Emcee: Larry Thompson

About the Storytellers

Rick Davis
From Woodville in Southeast Texas, Rick Davis escaped to Austin where he earned degrees, worked for the state, and now welcomes storytelling as a friendly alternative to “truth.” Admiring recordings and writings of Doc Moore, Rick performs many of Doc’s favorites, from chilling ghost stories to humor-filled Jack Tales.

John Hale
John enjoys sharing humorous stories, including times when he was “that guy,” the foolhardy risk-taker with both thrilling and terrible results. He has the scars to prove it. Weeks, months, and years later workers still remember John’s stories including Hypnotizing Chickens, Up a Creek, 10 Tons of Mud, A Dairy Cow named Sweetie Pie, and A Backyard Roller Coaster. John Hale is the author of the safety book Zero Injuries.

Vivian Rutherford
Vivian is a retired Children’s Librarian and has been dubbed a natural born yarn-spinner. She is a storyteller who inspires through vivid tales and commands attention and affection from rapt listeners of her stories. Vivian is presents a wide variety of storytelling programs for all ages including adult learners with special learning abilities, along with invitations to speak at schools, churches, civic organizations, universities and annual community events. In Lorena, Texas near Waco, Vivian lives with her husband, plants, teapots and one fat feline fur baby.

Leslie Ogilvie
Leslie is a lover of stories, especially folktales—the truths they impart, the places they take you, and the fun to be had in sharing them.