2020 Festival Workshops

Workshop A – Historical Research 101

Presenter: Mary Margaret Campbell
Even though historical research for stories can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.  The information is out there; you just have to know where to look. This workshop will explore resources for historical research.

Mary Margaret holds two degrees in English from Texas Tech University.  She taught English and speech for twenty years before becoming an oil and gas landman.  In 2004 she became involved with George West Storyfest Association, Inc., eventually serving as Executive Director from 2009-2018. marymargaret60@msn.com

Workshop B – Music and Creativity for Enriching Your Storytelling

This interactive workshop provides a variety of activities that can be used in a classroom setting to encourage the use of sound and rhythm in storytelling. Participants will participate in activities that teach basic musical concepts (pitch, volume, rhythm, and beat), as well as adding musical cues to a simple story.

Trudy L. Hanson serves as Chair of the Department of Communication at West Texas A&M University.  She earned her doctorate at Texas Tech University.  She has served as President of the Texas Speech Communication Association, the Southern States Communication Association, as editor of the Texas Speech Communication Journal.  At WTAMU, she directs the annual storytelling festival. thanson@wtamu.edu

Workshop C – Enrich Stories with Props

Presenter: Reba Ott
The workshop will show how to use simple props that enhance stories to preschool and elementary children.

Reba has told stories over 30 years at Campfire camp and has been a storyteller for the Round Rock YMCA after school program until retiring last year. She tells personal, history, pioneer, nature and folk stories using props to enhance stories and keep attention. She has been an officer locally at TEJAS and has been a long time member of the national NSN attending many national events. gott_austin@yahoo.com 

Workshop D – Grants 101

Presenter: Valerie Kimble
This workshop will provide an overview of the grant writing process from the nonprofit organizational perspective for beginners, and tips for more experienced applicants on crafting successful proposals.

Valerie Kimble has written grants for libraries, nonprofits and storytelling organizations for over 25 years. She has been successful with federal, state, foundation, and private grantors. Valerie writes grants as a volunteer for TSA.  kimblevalerie@yahoo.com

Workshop E – Storytelling in the Dual Language Classroom

Presenter: Sandra Aguirre Magana
Learn how to integrate storytelling into your language arts curriculum to motivate your dual language students to communicate in their second target language. Interactive strategies that stimulate second language acquisition skills in English and Spanish will be presented.

Sandra is a bilingual teacher and author from Chicago who now calls the Sun City of El Paso home. She has performed storytelling for students, friends, and family across many years. She believes her storytelling is inspired by family, especially her grandmothers who were the first storytellers she ever heard. mycuentacuentos.blog

Workshop F – Start with the Basics: Folktales 101

Presenter: Sally Goodroe
Folktales are tried-and-true stories that have survived the test of time and so are perfect for all tellers, from beginners on.  In this workshop, we will learn where to look for good folktales to tell, discuss how to learn their basic structure, and practice adding images and interpretation to create a tale for telling that will serve you for many years to come.

Sally Bates Goodroe has told stories for over 30 years in schools, libraries, and festivals.  Sally’s favorite stories are world folktales, especially interactive stories and stories from the British Isles.  She has a master’s degree in folklore from the University of Edinburgh and works as a librarian in Houston. goodroe@earthlink.net

Workshop G – The Original Digital Storytelling

Presenter: David Titus
This hands on Workshop will teach a number of string figures and show examples of more. String figures were used in every culture for storytelling and passing on information.

Dave has told stories and taught over 2 million children and adults. Last year he was working with adult recovering addicts in Ireland for three weeks, and a week in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Poland each using string stories and activities. He also worked with many children. Storyteller-Wordsmith.com or StringFigureStore.com